Fantasy Maps!

Huh? Fantasy Maps!?

Yes! If you ever wanted to have a nice looking map for your role playing game or story, you can have it now! I'm doing overland maps to try to get some money on the side.


Well, I have always being very interested on World-building and made my own maps for games and my novel. Also... being a gamer and geek in Mexico is not easy. I have some serious economic issues so I would like to make even just a little more money on the side. Help a gamer in need!!

Let me take a look at your previous work first.

Yes, of course. Here are some samples I did a while back:

Evilmoogle's Map by ~yoski on deviantART

Navarre by ~yoski on deviantART

Whitefall+Enndoubleyou Enn Map by ~yoski on deviantART

Ythivand by ~yoski on deviantART

Droemar's Map by ~yoski on deviantART (A map for Droemar's story)

As you can see I can adapt the look, trying to get the closest to your vision of the land.

How much are you charging for the map?

Depends on how big and full of detail you want it to be. A Normal Map (1600x1200) would be ideal for a website or a forum game, everything you need to look at is right there or even as a wallpaper! If you want to show your friends a closer look of the land, a Large Map (3200x2400) would be best if you are playing with the help of your laptop or if you want to print it to have it handy. An Extra Large Map (4800x3600) would be ideal for those who want a high quality image on their hard drives with lots of details!

Normal Map 1600x1200 - $7

Large Map 3200x2400 - $12

Extra Large Map 4800x3600 - $16

So, what would I need to do?

Easy! Check out the option of your preference and send me a written description of the world/area you want me to do. If you want a more exact representation, send me a basic scanned sketch or a MSPaint drawing. Or... you can tell me "Go crazy Soul!" and I'll do a random map for you. ;)

Check below or on the Right Menu for the options available and get the one you like!


What do I get?
You get a PNG or JPG file directly to your mail if the final version isn't too heavy. Only Extra Large maps would have to be zipped to make sure it fits in the mail. You can use that image wherever you like with only the request that you say I did the map. :) "by Yoski" or "by Soulnova" should suffice.