About Me!

To start with, thanks for your interest on Fantasy Maps!

I'm known by a couple of names through the interwebz, either "soulnova", "yoski" or sometimes "alizrak". On the Spanish sites you could even find me with the name "Lady Fate".

I have been a big fan of map making since I was a kid. I would make small stories and make maps for my magical islands and the like. At the time I was heavily influenced by children's book, which I didn't know where heavily influenced in turn by Tolkien's maps.

When I started playing Pen and Paper RPGs I started to research about world building and I would spend several evenings drawing maps on my notebooks with pencils. I eventually got my hands on some "new" digital edition program back in 2000 but of course... the results were rather simple.

Over the years I kept doing maps for personal use and just a couple of years back I managed to actually make some decent digital maps. Now I'm trying to put those skills to use for anyone who might be in need for a map for their games or what not... maybe even a book. ;D

So don't be afraid to look around and ask for the map that suits your world better!!